Tofu shakin’

A tofu press may look like a strange torture device, but it is actually a magical and wonderful device.

Its got many plastic pieces along with a spiraly metal piece. I would think this spiraly metal piece could be use to harm someone, but really it is just helping your tofu out.

Don’t know anything about tofu? Don’t know why you have to press it? Sucks to be you, you’re missing out.

Tofu wants to absorb the flavor you are trying to put into it, so let it do its job.

No matter what type of tofu you buy – soft, firm, etc. It is a good idea to press the water out of it first. We used to do this by stacking a bunch of random heavy kitchen appliances on top of it. But now we have this sweet press!

You drill the spiraly metal guy on top of the tofu and the pressure sucks the water out. The water builds up inside the little torture container and then you can dump it into the sink.

Unless you’re me.

If you’re me, you forget one of the plastic pieces and you end up drilling the spiraly metal guy into the tofu itself. It’s cool, now we have some design going here. I can never be left alone, I swear.IMG_0647

Now if you do it right, you let it press for a little bit. Then you can fill the container with a sauce of your choosing. You can then sit the container in the fridge for a half hour or over night, whatever your little heart desires. The more soakin’ time the more flavor savin’ slime.

If you do accidentally drill the spiraly guy into your tofu, don’t fret. Just keep on trucking. Don’t forget to cut the tofu before putting the sauce in. If you’re me, you can’t cut straight and end up with the oddest shapes of tofu. If you’re an adult, your tofu turns out beautiful.

I then preheat the oven to 350 and bake for 45 min. We’ve been using teriyaki lately and after pressing, soaking and baking, you get a good little crisp to the edges.

Don’t hate on tofu until you try making it yourself. A lot of the times people try it at restaurants where it is too squishy for them. There are many ways you can make it, but I find this to be the easiest.

Tofu shakin, all around, pump that jam, while I’m chown’ down.


(PS: check out Flat Rat Studio for more cool signs like this one)