What I did during the Superbowl

(I know guys, I’m like 100 years late with this post)

It’s pretty exciting for Baltimore to be involved in the Superbowl, I definitely dig things that happen for my city. But. Football is god awfully boring. So lets make some stuffed shells!

As usual, I am inspired by Budget Bytes. But I am also inspired by my co worker, Sarah, who has also shared a recipe with me.

First of all, I had no idea what ricotta cheese looked like so I had to google image search it while in Safeway.

I had to take this image of all of my ingredients multiple times because I kept forgetting something. This is a lot of steps for me! There is some green leafy shit, some white shredded shit, some green throw up lookin’ shit, some more white shit and some red shit. This is going to be real ugly.


First is the great debate over how long to boil the shells for. The box says 9 min if they’re going in the oven, 12 if not. The recipe says to cook them “according to the box (12 min)”. Bitch, you don’t know what my box says! Lets go with 9. (I didn’t mean to call her a bitch, I’m sure she is awesome – and she looks gorgeous)

Another issue is how many shells to make – the recipe says 22 and my box has 35, what am I going to do with just a few left over shells? I decided to take them out anyways – by counting backwards. My counting skills are not the greatest and apparently I should have taken out 6 more.


My measuring skills are also not the greatest. I do like this recipe because she includes oz and cups. But my bags of ingredients only say ounces. Luckily, my measuring cup tells me both. But wtf is this shit – the bag says 8 oz makes 2 cups. But my measuring cup says 8 oz is 1 cup. Someone is obviously drunk – is it the cheese maker or the measuring cup maker? (Yes, now I have learned the difference between wet and dry measuring).


Once you learn how to measure, you combine all of the ingredients into a bowl. If your mixture looks like throw up, that means you are done.

Now you gotta stuff them bitches without breaking them, seems like a lot of pressure.


We seemed to handle it well though.

Nice and stuffed and time to put in the oven, then you wait, and wait…

Now when Joe took his first bite and made some weird sound, I was like holy shit what did I do wrong. It was a sound of YUM! Yay success! Just a few bumps in the road. This recipe was damn delicious, I definitely recommend it.

As I finish this post… amost 2 months later… The Ravens won the Superbowl, there was a parade in the streets, and now all the players are getting sold off to other teams. Good job, Baltimore! (Disclaimer: I know nothing about sports, just read about it on all your Facebooks)

Here’s some Ravens trottin’ down the street like puppets for everyone to speculate:
Here is how Dozey feels about football:


K Bye!