Dou Loux loves cats, too!

This weekend I may go with my friends in Dou Loux to paint some pottery! I feel like this is going to be a huge disaster, thus making you all laugh at me in a later post. But I would like to introduce you to Dou Loux

Dou Loux consists of my very best friend, Melanie, and her fiancee, Byron. These 2 are such a power team. Anything that is creative that you can think of – they can do. Crafty, hair styling, drawing, cooking, graphic designey, webby sites, all of it and more. Champions I tell you, champions!

You must check out the current stuffs they have for sale. And now I will bombard you with all of their internet lands:!/douloux

Click those bitches!

I don’t really know what else to say except for, amazing. And you’d be an idiot to not buy something.

(No picture of a cat today, but if you check out Dou Loux, I am sure you will see a cat sticking its tongue out)