Breakfast Potatoes #2

First, here is Dozey enjoying some chicken:


We must be on a breakfast potato kick because we decided to try Ore Ida’s frozen bag of hash browns. I was laying in bed starving while Joe was snoring away. When I’m starving, I need my food and I need it now, no time to wait for crazy culinary tricks. I was really hoping Ore Ida would let me put their hash browns in the microwave.

I pull out the bag and start reading the directions “pre heat oven, mix this condiment and that condiment galore” I was like, Ore Ida say whaaa? Oh, that’s directions for some casserole, let’s turn the bag…

Here we go, frying pan, lid, oil, sweet… “flip do not stir” wtf how do you flip a pan filled with little tiny pieces without accidentally stirring it? This terrifies me. Well, as I was trying to flip I am sure I stirred instead. And your hash browns didn’t kill me, Ore Ida!

But I did start to freak out when some of them started crisping so I assumed that meant they were all done even though most of them were still white. Totally ate them anyways. A potato is a potato, son!

Another piece of the directions that pondered my brain. “Use a 12 inch skillet, for half a bag use 4 tbsp of oil, for the whole bag use some other number that I can’t remember”

1. I don’t have it memorized of what size my frying pan is
2. I have no idea how many potatoes are going to fit into this pan, I am assuming less then half a bag so I guess I’ll just go with 2 tbsp of oil. What’s annoying is that you can’t turn back. The oil is doing its job under the hash browns, that I have now used a half bag of. And there is no turning back, I need to get back under there and add more oil for my now half a bag, but that just ain’t gonna fly.

This “eye balling” shit involved with cooking does not go well with my brain activity, or lack there of.

Whatevs, my hash browns were good and Joe got potatoes in bed again.