Nutcracker Garlic

Dozey’s boyfriend, Frank (who is actually Joe’s best friend) is quite the amazing cook. He came over and made some delicious asparagus with garlic the other evening. The next night, I asked him to show me how to use real garlic and put it into pasta. Here is what I learned:

1. Taking the crinkly paper feeling type stuff off of the garlic is quite a long process, I’m impatient dammit!

2. I was just waiting to use the nutcracker thing once the paper stuff was taken off

3. Still waiting

4. He cut some brown shit off of the garlic

5. Apparently these garlic pieces are called cloves?

6. It’s finally time for me to use the nutcracker looking thing (a garlic press?)

7. I am not strong enough to use this nutcracker. I am standing on my tippy toes because somehow I think this will help me.

The moral of the story: There was no point in learning how to use this nutcracker thing because I’m not strong enough therefore I will never get to put garlic in my foods.

om nom nom

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