Cats love steak…and so do I

Steak. Such a delicious creature. Dozey agrees, too. Which is actually such a shame because it really terrifies me when it’s in its pre-cooked form. I don’t enjoy looking at meat or touching meat before it’s cooked. I also really love animals and hate that I eat them often. Sorry, animals, but man you’re delicious. Not only that, but I’ve been told I’d shrivel away to nothing if I didn’t eat meat.

I get asked a lot how Joe and I eat together…

  • I eat meat. He doesn’t.
  • He eats seafood. I don’t.
  • He drinks beer. I don’t.
  • I love sweets. He doesn’t. (yay, more for me!)
  • He loves sushi. I don’t.
  • He loves tofu. Eh, it’s okay.
  • Potatoes? Oh hell yeah dawg!

I honestly don’t know how we do it, but it seems to work out fine. I’ll eat the fake meat and he’ll sneak a bite of my ice cream. But the sushi and the beer I won’t budge on. The meat he obviously wont budge on. Which makes it harder to cook meat knowing that I wont get much help.

So let’s call mom! “Mom, how do I make a steak?”

After her instructions, I successfully made and enjoyed a delicious steak for about 3 days straight. Along with my instant mashed potatoes and green beans, of course.

Now let’s discuss the commentary when I shared with people how I made said steak…

“You baked a steak?!”

“Did you tenderize it?”

“Did you put anything on it?”

“Not even salt and pepper?!”

Apparently this was a bit of a disaster. But hey man, when your taste buds aren’t picky, it makes things easier on you while cooking it. Do I really want to stand there for so many minutes to beat my meat? (I just laughed at my own self for writing that, WordPress viewers, and I am not going to hit the backspace!) Why would I waste my time and money throwing crap on top of my meat when I can just throw the bad boy in the oven and wait a while?

It all tastes the same. Seriously. We go to this nice ass steak joint across the street and I’ve tried them all, they all taste the frikken same. Just give me the cheapest, smallest one so I can enjoy it for 3 meals straight.

Dozey agrees. She’s like, dude, drop a girl some meat. And this is how we feel after we eat it:

3 thoughts on “Cats love steak…and so do I

  1. dude. Steaks can suck. They can be dry, have to much fat on them (be sure to trim!), and they ALWAYS taste better with salt n’ peppa (and yep, cut and quality do matter). Pretty sure a dash of salt and pepper won’t break the bank, or your schedule. We’ll hone your taste buds yet!

  2. knittyb says:

    I’m sensing the need for a grill sesh on the Best Block in CV w/rib eyes…and a special tiny one JUST for Dozy. 😉

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